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Indiana's Oldest and Most Reliable Basement Waterproofing Contractor:  Nordhoff Basement Waterproofing
Gravelless Basment Waterproofing With Hydra Stone GL Basement Systems
Our Indiana basement waterproofing company exclusively utilizes the patented Hydra Stone GL™ gravelless basement waterproofing system. What does this mean? No more river gravel! River gravel retains moisture and moisture creates conditions for mold. The Hydra Stone GL™ Gravelless Basement Waterproofing System is standard with all of our basement waterproofing and foundation repair jobs!

Nordhoff Basement Waterproofing of Indiana offers you superior mold removal and prevention, guaranteed. Gravelless basement waterproofing systems are 100% cleaner, healthier, more environmentally friendly and more effluent. No Moisture = No Mold.

For years basement waterproofing contractors have been trenching out the solid fill around the inside perimeter of basement floors, exposing the foundation, removing the solid concrete and earth fill, to relieve hydrostatic pressure from under your basement floor.
Hollow and 3/4" round polyethylene tubes that are 1" long are all it takes to eliminate moldy, wet, dirty solid fill, that could even be worse than what was dug out of your home initially. Gravel type waterproofing systems will emit unwanted moisture content into your home. Gravelless waterproofing systems will not.
This works by interrupting the water table. As it rises in the earth, the water is allowed to move horizontally through a slotted or perforated tile that has been surrounded by river gravel that is installed in the trench just under the concrete floor along with various types of cove mold that will allow the waterproofing system to vent.

This has been the best technique known for many years. River gravel, that has been for centuries at river bottoms, absorbing whatever humankind can dump on it, is installed just three inches under your carpet. River gravel used in older style basement waterproofing systems is sold immediately after being pulled from the river, without being washed or treated. Once it is in the ground inside your home and in a wet basement under the slab, it often never really dries out between rains and the cove mold of various designs installed by a basement waterproofer allows moisture from inside the waterproofing system to escape into your home's atmosphere. Thus, allowing a greater chance of must and mold related issues to come up--maybe as soon as within the first year! Not only mold, but whatever other kinds of bacteria the river gravel has absorbed over the years.
Nordhoff Basement Waterproofing and the very successful large capacity "gravelless" Hydra Stone GL™ basment waterproofing system not only eliminates the potential for biological hazards associated with gravel, but also eliminates the moisture content of two to three tons of gravel in each home - All the while doubling the hydra flow.

Gravelless basment waterproofing systems eliminate moldy, wet, dirty solid fill that could even be worse than what was dug out of your home initially. Gravel type waterproofing systems will emit unwanted moisture content into your home. When the Hydra Stone GL™ gravelless waterproofing system has to work, the hydra flow is superior to rock by 100%!

When the rain stops and the water table subsides Hydra Stone GL™ has not absorbed any moisture so that trench that your paying good money for will go to good use. DO NOT fill it back in solid with river gravel that will retain moisture, mold and germs and potentially destroy your basement or foundation, or even your entire property, all over again.

Look at the dry Hydra Stone GL™ basement waterproofing system lying next to the older style river gravel based system.  Hydra Stone GL is HOLLOW, allowing water to flow through it and out of your home.  River gravel is dirty, wet, and solid--holding germs, mold, and moisture and slowing down the hydra flow.

You should know that you are not stuck having to install a river gravel waterproofing system.  Get a healthier, cleaner, drier, most effluent basement system compared any river gravel basement system. Read more about Hydra Stone Gl™ Basement waterproofing systems here